As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, it is more crucial than ever to ensure that health-care professionals and workers in essential businesses have the tools and capabilities to record and report wellness screenings—not only for the safety of those they are serving, but also for their own. During this time, and moving forward, it is critical that essential employees have a way to check in and assess their health status before heading in to work.

You have asked, and Immuware has quickly responded to our clients’ needs for additional COVID-19 wellness screening tools, particularly mobile device capability for checking in, recording daily temperatures, and answering screening questions. Immuware users now have a COVID-19-specific wellness-check screen they can access to record daily information easily. By answering a few quick questions each day, health-care employees and workers in essential businesses can input their information so administrators can follow through as needed and have the relevant data to pass along if necessary. The goal is to gather data quickly while still being user-friendly and easy for employees to complete. Immuware can easily be used to extract data that can identify at-risk employees and allow employers to follow through to ensure compliance with regulations. Simply put, it’s an efficient and effective way for employees to report in and for employers to know whether workers are healthy and fit for duty or if they need to follow up on their own health needs.

COVID-19 has challenged essential businesses and the health-care industry’s ability to respond rapidly to a growing pandemic, and they have risen to the occasion. With the addition of Immuware’sCOVID-19 daily wellness check, health-care facilities and essential businesses can focus more energy on helping those in need and providing goods and services to the rest of the population instead of on completing administrative tasks related to compliance issues. As always, Immuware will continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its clients and

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