We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes and the foundation for future release of new features.

1. Report Enhancements

The Single Select report now contains:

  • “not compliant” within the series filter to be able to retrieve records that are within a series that is not fully compliant
  • A group affiliation filter
  • A new Compliant filter that automatically fills in the corresponding Icon Statuses looking for records that are either “all compliant” or “not compliant”.

2. Notifications Enhancements

Immuware 9.6 now has the ability to send trigger emails to Recruiters and Supervisors. This feature is helpful as it communicates when a New Hire has been cleared or when an employee has been put on an “Off Work” status or “Return to Work” status.

Trigger emails now have an “active” and “inactive” flag allowing administrators the ability to easily turn them on or off.

3. Assigned Recruiters and Trigger Emails

When creating a personnel record there is now an optional “Recruiter field” that will populate with all active recruiters within the system. When a personnel is associated with a specific recruiter, that recruiter can get applicable trigger email notifications. 

4. Personnel ID Enhancement

Administrators can now edit the Personnel ID of a personnel in their system.  

5. Personnel Summary Enhancements

The keyword filter on the Personnel Summary screen now allows searching by email address.

6. Appointment Scheduler Enhancements

Immuware v9.6 now includes an interface allowing you to create “Appointment Types” and associate them to specific “Record Types” and “Visit Reasons”. 

Canceled appointments will no longer cancel the available appointment slot, but will free it up for selection by another individual.

7. New Interfaces

Administrators now have the ability to add and modify Facilities, Dept/Location, and Job Titles on an interface without having to use a Personnel File. 

8. Workforce Obligations

The Workforce obligations screen has been redesigned to make it even easier and more intuitive to use!

9. General Odds and Ends

  • The main navigation menu now includes visual icons to help easily find key items
  • “Required” conditional fields now display a red asterisk to better identify required fields
  • Personnel Details will now only display the deadline date (i.e. Deadline: 1/1/2018) if the record is NOT Compliant