We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes, and the foundation for future releases of new features.

1. Report Enhancements

  • Save and Send Reports
    • This new enhancement will allow users the ability to save the filter parameters used on a report for later. Once saved the same report can be accessed again in the future. Users can also send this saved report out via email to themselves. The email will link to the Report Export page in Immuware to be easily downloaded.
  • Excel Exports
    • All dates are now formatted as a date field in Excel for easy viewing and sorting. Previously, Excel would automatically format dates in a less user-friendly format that required editing to correctly view the date.

2. Notifications 

  • Trigger Email
    • Trigger email recipient lists are now easily accessible right from the email template. Previously the recipient list was a backend setting that needed to be edited by the Immuware team.

3. NHSN COVID Enhancements

  • NHSN COVID Vaccine Dashboard Enhancements
    • According to the updated “Up to Date” guidelines from the CDC, Immuware Covid Vaccine NHSN Dashboards will be updated to easily fill in all required reporting fields from the NHSN. This includes being able to calculate “Up to Date” for every personnel taking into consideration whether or not the user is over 50 years old when they received their last vaccination, and whether or not they are “Up to Date” depending on if it was a primary series, booster, or 2nd booster. There will be no calculation required to be done by users as the dashboards will do all the work to dramatically improve NHSN reporting capabilities. 

4. UI / UX Enhancements for Credentials

  • Add a Grouping (i.e. Sub Category) above the Record Type Level For instances like Credentials where there may be many different Record Type options, this new enhancement allows users to better organize their Record Types into sub-categories. This “umbrella” option will bucket desired Record Types into a master group. The “Record For” dropdown menu will become easier to use because only the name of the Category will be visible in the dropdown menu making it shorter and less cumbersome. New screens with the sub-category options will be visible when creating a record as well as on the Record History page to organize these categories for a more seamless user experience.

5. Personnel

  • Addition of Group Affiliation Option for New Hires
    • Previously the Group Affiliation feature was not available for a New Hire personnel type. Now, this option is available to enhance reporting capabilities for New Hires. 
  • Allow Workforce Users to Edit Personnel Information
    • Sometimes information like a cell phone or address may be out of date or missing for Workforce users in their Personnel Information. Workforce users now have the ability to self-edit their information and add some of these fields as needed. 

6. Integrations

  • Personnel File Email Notification
    • Enhancement made so that a specified set of recipients can receive an email that summarizes a scheduled Personnel File Import. Instead of having to log in to Immuware to view the status of a Personnel File import, users can now receive an automated email notification that highlights all the key points needed to maintain an automated Personnel file integration (error summary, warning summary, number of new records created, number of records modified, etc.)
  • Add NDC Number Field as an Option for Manufacturers
    • Immuware can now send NDC Numbers to state registries which will speed up implementations and reduce potential warning messages in some markets.

7. Record Status / Status Detail Configuration Enhancements

  • Ability to Show Embedded PDFs to Workforce Users
    • This enhancement will allow for some PDF reports (ex. OSHA forms) to be visible to workforce users which was not previously an option.
  • Record Status / Status Detail – Set Visibility
    • This enhancement will allow for some Record Statuses and Status Details to be configured so that they are only visible to certain users. For example, within the same Record Type, one path of statuses could only be visible to New Hires while another set of statuses is visible to Employees. This allows for more granular visibility and configuration in Immuware so that pages can be better customized for the user creating records. Now Immuware can better accommodate different forms and workflows for different user types. Visibility can be determined similarly to Workforce Obligations where Record Statuses / Status Details can be shown/hidden by any combination of Facility, Location/Dept, Group Affiliation, Job Title, Personnel Type, or Personnel Custom Field.
  • Allow for HTML on pages and banners
    • This enhancement allows the Immuware team to use HTML formatting on forms and for banners that appear in Immuware. This will allow for forms and banners to be customized with better formatting like bullet points, hyperlinks, text size changes, different colors, etc. 
  • Conditionally Required Questions Show Red Asterisk
    • Enhancement so that all conditionally required fields in Immuware have a red asterisk. Some questions on a page can be conditionally shown and conditionally required depending on how a user fills out the form. This enhancement will allow for a better user experience so it is very clear which fields are required.

8. Users Export

  • User Account Export to Excel
    • Ability to export all User Accounts and their associated Roles/Permissions from Immuware into a CSV file to more easily see what types of user accounts are in Immuware and what their access is. 

9. Queues

  • Next Step & Expiring Queue Enhancements
    • Enhancements we made so that queues load on the page faster.
  • Supervisor Email Layout Enhancements
    • Supervisor email layouts have been updated so they are easier to interpret and act on.
  • Personnel Search Enhancements
    • Searching for a Personnel in Immuware is now easier than before. Now the search field allows for searching by email address as well as the combination of First Name + Last Name.
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