Covid Vaccine Management System

With the new federal mandate for employee vaccinations and wellness tracking under way, larger companies and organizations will need some sort of COVID vaccine management system to properly track, monitor, and upkeep the immunization records of those involved.

This new mandatory COVID vaccine for federal employees impacts a large scope of people, with vaccine requirements that primarily focus on four dominant groups of employers and workers. Private employers with over 100 employees must now require their workers to either get the vaccine, or be tested once a week. About 90% of federal workers must also now be vaccinated, as well as teachers and educators who work for federal education-related programs. Lastly, nearly all healthcare workers and staff who work for facilities that receive Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement must get the vaccine, which is estimated to be around 17 million people. 

As more employees are going back to work in offices, COVID vaccine tracking softwares and platforms can help manage that back-to-office plan, especially for those private companies with over 100 employees. Fortunately, Immuware is making a statement by providing their award-winning occupational and employee health tracking software to companies.

How Can A COVID Vaccine Tracking Software Help?

The goal of Immuware’s software is to provide effective COVID vaccine tracking for employers while making the process hassle-free as employees return to the office. The tracking software’s intuitive features make compliance quick, easy, accurate and secure. This system can help companies increase productivity, gain actionable insights, automate reporting and communication, achieve compliance goals, among many other crucial elements. Some of the key system features include:

  • Real-time dashboards – Determine up-to-the-minute compliance status with real-time tracking of immunizations, screenings, workplace medical surveillance testing, exposures, training, injuries, illnesses and certifications. Immuware’s innovative and easy-to-understand dashboards allow you to view your organization at all levels to quickly identify the compliance gaps and achieve compliance faster.


  • Shared accountability – Supervisors can save considerable amounts of time and eliminate errors made with manual tracking by allowing employees to share accountability in compliance. Employees are able to self-report with documentation uploads, and supervisors can monitor employees and admins to automate approval workflows, configure follow-up reminders and view multi-level reporting.


  • Microsoft Azure, HIPAA Secure – Microsoft Azure is among the most trusted cloud hosting services for leading healthcare systems in the U.S, which greatly reduces the risk of a regulatory violation or data breach. Server maintenance, data backups, storage, upgrades and releases are provided by Microsoft® and Immuware, saving countless hours of valuable IT staff time and hardware costs. In fact, no IT support resources are needed at all.


  • Flexible and scalable features Immuware’s health monitoring softwares are made to fit any organizations unique and operational needs. These software systems can be easily integrated with existing systems, and allow companies to only pay for features they currently need, with the ability to add as the organization grows.

COVID-19 Wellness Screening, Testing, & Vaccine Tracking Database

Immuware’s wellness screening services can be used at home or on site, to ensure that employees are healthy for work prior to coming back to the facility. Using the employee portal, employees can receive email notifications to complete their wellness screenings at home, with the option of performing self-recorded temperature checks. They also allow for companies to provide a document repository so employees can stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 news. 

As mandates and requirements are a moving target, Immuware is agile in accommodating different requirements such as additional doses and boosters. 

Immuware also allows for the administration and management of vaccination databases, where supervisors can prioritize mandatory immunizations for healthcare workers by employee grouping or job function, manage multiple manufacturing dose schedules, and generate appointments to efficiently utilize aging inventory. Companies can also engage Rapid Entry Mode in a vaccination database to quickly administer mass vaccinations for the staff.

About Immuware

At Immuware, our mission is to design and deliver employee health software and services that enable clients to serve their communities more effectively. As one of the top healthcare software companies, we employ a team of experts who provide unique solutions ultimately allowing our clients to more effectively serve their clientele. Our loyal client base consists of healthcare, government, school systems, and energy companies, who rely on our highly customizable, securely hosted, easy to use software to make our communities better, stronger and healthier every day.

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