Electronic Vaccination Record

An electronic vaccination record makes it easy for employers to schedule vaccination appointments, send reminders for follow-ups, and keep track of which employees have received their vaccinations. Between the approaching flu season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to have a recording system that helps aggregate vaccination information efficiently, and ensures all employees are up to date.

For organizations with a large staff, it can be difficult to keep track of who has had their vaccinations, who needs a follow up appointment, and who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. In a time when controlling the spread of infectious diseases is at the front of everyone’s mind, employers must make every effort to put the health of their employees and others first by ensuring their staff is fully vaccinated.

Mandatory Flu Vaccine Policy

If your company is issuing a mandatory flu vaccine policy and requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations this year, you’ll need a way to manage vaccination events and keep track of who has received their doses. 

Here’s how Immuware’s immunization portal can help.

  • Appointment Scheduling

Immuware provides an appointment scheduler module that allows your organization to easily create slot times for vaccination appointments. Employees can easily log in through the employee portal, select the date and time that works best for them, and schedule their appointment. They can also reschedule or cancel an appointment at any time.

  • Due to the novelty of the COVID-19 vaccines, the previous recommendation was to administer COVID-19 vaccines alone, with a minimum interval of 14-days before or after the administration of any other vaccine. This time period would avoid vaccine interaction and therefore help prevent adverse reactions.
  • Now that extensive data on COVID-19 vaccinations has been collected, it has been determined that neither immunogenicity nor reaction profiles have been negatively affected by administering two different vaccines on the same day.
  • With Immuware’s software, employees can schedule their COVID-19 and influenza vaccination on the same day. This can save both employees and employers at least 2-weeks of time because there is no longer a waiting period between differing vaccines.
  • Rapid Entry Mode

The ability to quickly oscillate between medical records eliminates downtime between patients. For example, clinicians who are administering the influenza vaccine for employees can quickly move from one record to the next, allowing the staff to vaccinate as many people as possible per day.

  • Multi-Dose Management 

As intervals are different depending on the manufacturer, Immuware will make sure clinicians are directed to give the correct manufacturer and schedule the second dose at the correct time. 

  • Proof of Vaccination 

Immuware’s software has a document upload feature that allows employees to provide their proof of vaccination if they received their vaccination off-premises.

  • Exemption and Declination Options

Employees are able to decline vaccines and provide medical or religious exemption privately and securely via the employee portal. Immuware’s software is HIPAA compliant and a safe place to store your employee’s health records that is separate from your electronic medical record system. In the case of COVID-19 vaccines, if an individual declines, we can trigger COVID-19 testing to be required for them.

  • Real-Time Reporting 

View internal and National Healthcare Safety Network reports in real-time on the dashboard to keep track of staff compliance. You will be able to see which employee receives their vaccination as soon as their clinician completes the appointment.

Employee Immunization Tracking Software

We are currently living in a unique time that is filled with uncertainty. You can take control of your staff’s health and that of the people they come into contact with by making sure everyone is fully vaccinated against infectious diseases like influenza and COVID-19. 

Immuware can help your company achieve compliance quickly and easily with HIPAA secure software. In addition to keeping track of employee immunizations, employers can view full health profiles to gain insight into an employee’s training and certifications, recent illnesses and injuries, exposure to disease, and more.

Please contact us to learn more about our software and schedule a demo. Together, we can support the health of our employees and communities.