Electronic Medical Records (“EMRs”) such as EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, among many others are amazing tools for patient data management, so you may be wondering why a separate data managing system would be necessary for your employee’s health compliance. Having an Employee Health Compliance System can help manage and complete your specific employee and occupational health work tasks with ease in a way that a patient focused EMR does not. Our employee health compliance cloud hosted platform, Immuware, keeps employee data separate and up to standards with HIPAA and OSHA regulations and is designed for achieving compliance quickly to keep employee health data reportable and well organized, minimizing the failure of regulatory compliance audits. 

Separation of employment health data

Immuware ensures HIPAA and OSHA compliance for vaccinations, medical exemptions, annual surveillance programs and OSHA related incidents are separated from an organization’s patient EMR. For employee data privacy reasons, employee health data is to be protected. Employers are to access only minimum necessary information about an employee’s health status, such as whether or not they have work restrictions or have been cleared for work, labor regulation experts say. It is highly recommended that employers maintain a separate record for employment health data. OSHA regulations and guidance state that employee health records are employment data that are subject to employment law, not just medical record law. 1910.1020(b)(3) of the OSHA regulations state that “each employer shall assure that the preservation and access requirements of this section are complied with regardless of the manner in which the records are made or maintained.” OSHA also requires injury records be maintained 30 years after termination. If these records are maintained in a patient EMR system, distinguishing the records to be archived becomes quite challenging.

Empower your personnel with easy access to an employee portal

Immuware also empowers personnel to be accountable for their required compliance. Immuware is a Microsoft Azure protected cloud-based system. Meaning no app downloading is necessary and employees can safely access their account through any device with an internet connection via an easy-to-use employee portal. Employees also receive email and text message reminders of upcoming due or expired requirements. Administrators and supervisors can see live up-to-date statistics on compliance through Immuware dashboards and reports – with the medical data hidden from view, as required. Via the Immuware employee portal, the personnel can also easily print their own records, submit external documentation for approval, pre-consent and complete smart questionnaires anytime, 24/7.

Empower your managers with quick access to real time compliance metrics

Immuware instantly provides managerial compliance reporting that can be often hard to maintain and extract in an EMR. Immuware gives you the capabilities to organize your record types and configure your workflows to fit your needs, which is often not available in your patient EMR. The separation of employee health data and ability to report and organize your data to comply with employment health requirements will help ensure compliance, reduce your privacy risks and make your processes more efficient and seamless. 

We hope this helps clarify the difference between the capabilities of Immuware versus an EMR. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to info@immuware.com