We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes and the foundation for future release of new features.

Notification Enhancements

Immuware now brings several new notification enhancement features to help notify your personnel easier and better. The following enhancements are included:

  • Modify and Categorize – You now have the ability to modify all notifications as needed as well as clearly categorizing them in the Notifications interface. This includes traditional system notifications also called “System Notifications” such as; Approval Emails, Rejection Emails, Welcome Email as well as Trigger Emails which are sent when a certain record status and status detail records are created.

Below is a screenshot of the Notification module, which now includes 3 tabs; Reminder Notifications, System Emails and Trigger Emails.

  • Insert URL – There is now an “Insert URL” button which will allow administrators the ability to insert links directly to specific pages to better direct employees to specific screens within Immuware.

The example below will provide a link that will direct the employee to upload offsite documentation for Hepatitis B.

  • Placeholders – Administrators now have the ability to generate a hyperlink that will direct the user to the record confirmation screen from their email notification message. This is accomplished when this placeholder ($[recordconfirmationlink]) is pasted into the following message types: “Personnel By Record Status” (e.g. Influenza – Offsite Documentation) and “Personnel By Record Status Details. (e.g. Tuberculosis Exposure – Exposure Details / Positive History)” 
  • Icon Status Filtering – Administrators can now specify which Record Icon Statuses (see below) are to receive a specific notification. 

This is particularly helpful if, there is a repeated call to action messaging needed to a targeted audience (e.g. “Unknown”). 

  • Personnel Obligations Filtering – Administrators can now specify (on all notifications) which workforce obligations apply, as follows:

External Data Importer Enhancements

Our External Data Importer has been enhanced to make importing data easier than ever. We now have a user-friendly interface that allows our customers to more easily import external data for bulk imports. The enhancements include:

  • Template exports to default to comma delimited format
  • Better validation messaging by Record Type, Record Status and Status Details clear details on how to correct any errors that may prevent data from being imported
  • The ability to download template by Record Type, Record Status and Status Details (as shown below)

Show Reports Permission

  • For all Data Entry and Clinician users who have been waiting to have access to reports, Immuware has answered your request. Within this new release, Data Entry and Clinician users can now access Single-Select and Multi-Select reports without needing Administrator access. 

Record Confirmation Screen

  • The record confirmation screen now allows employees to “View Previous Step” and “Record Next Step” directly from the confirmation screen. Previously employees could only print from this screen.

File Uploads

  • Immuware now accepts .PNG files to be uploaded to Immuware.