We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! Feel free to reach out to us directly at info@immuware.com for more details showcasing these new features added to your solution.

  • Create/Edit Personnel – Change Location and Job Title to Auto Complete – It is now easier than ever to create various personnel records with auto-complete Location and Job Title input fields.
  • Personnel Summary – Performance Enhancements
    Performance improvements have been instituted to enhance load speed and overall usability.
  • New Training Hub
    The Document Repository page now includes a section for additional Training items. This includes helpful user guides per role, as well as an all new quick-view Employee Portal video.
  • Appointment Slot Size – Multiple Options Now Available
    For clients with the Scheduling Module, you now have the ability to specify the duration (15, 20, 30, and 60 minutes) of the available time slots that are created.
  • Employee Portal – Quick Access to Review Rejection Reason
    Quick access buttons now available to review and address a rejected record submission.
  • Bypass Consent
    Administrators can now access the bypass consent feature quicker.
  • Personnel Requirements Now Available on All Notifications
    All emails can now be segmented by required, preferred and not required on all email notifications.
  • Download Personnel Master List
    Your organization can save time with a click of a button to view the exact personnel data which is currently loaded into Immuware™ to confirm or identify personnel edits.
  • Add Group Affiliation to multiple pages/views
    The Group Affiliation field is now accessible in more areas throughout Immuware™.
  • Create User Permissions that show Group/Union Affiliation
    Permissions have been added allowing users to see the Group Affiliation field as needed.
  • Supervisor Reports – Next Step Due Date Now Available
    Due date will now be displayed for the next step (ie. COVID Vaccine) providing supervisors with visibility to what is coming due and when for their direct reports.

To learn more call contact the Immuware team at info@immuware.com.