We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes and the groundwork for upcoming new features.

Employee Portal Training Video

Immuware can now pop-up an employee portal training video upon initial login for new employees to familiarize themselves with Immuware.

Appointment Scheduler Enhancements

Immuware now includes the ability to select locations (e.g. Room 105) within a facility (e.g. North Hospital) for all appointment types. Personnel can also be omitted from scheduling into appointments if they are not required or preferred for a specified record type or personnel type (New Hire, Volunteer, etc). 

Appointment Scheduler – Location / Appointment Type Association

Scheduler users now have the ability to indicate which appointment types are offered at each location.

Appointment Scheduling Appointment Status

The appointment scheduler now has the ability to indicate the status of an appointment. Scheduler users can set the appointment to the following statuses:

  • Available – appointment slot is open, no one is scheduled
  • Scheduled – has scheduled into the appointment, but not arrived
  • Arrived – waiting – arrived in the waiting area (the personnel will have access to this status via their portal)
  • In-Progress – with a nurse or provider
  • No-Showed – did not show
  • Left Without Being Seen – arrived but left without being seen
  • Canceled – canceled prior to the appointment by either the personnel or the provider (the personnel will have access to this status via their portal)
  • Completed – appointment was successfully completed

Pre-Populate (or Not) Occurrence Date

When employees submit external documentation for review, the occurrence date will be left blank requiring the employee to enter the actual date the action occurred.

“Out of Season” Record Types

When a record type, such as Influenza, is “out of season,” Immuware will now display a label stating the record type is “out of season” and that record type will not count towards the employee’s overall compliance.

New Hire Deadline Dates 

When viewing a New Hire’s personnel details, a deadline date will now appear on the blue bar of the record type if that record types has an associated deadline, as shown below:

Deadline Past Due Icon Symbol

If a record for a New Hire has passed the deadline date, reports will now display a past due icon.

Expired Records Icon Status

All expired records for all personnel will now include a new icon to further distinguish this status, as shown below:

Queued Report Exports

Immuware now queues report exports. Queued report exports allow administrators the ability to run large data reports without compromising site performance. Once a report is available, an email will be sent notifying the user. 

Notification Enhancement

Immuware now offers “in between” notifications to be sent for record types that require multiple steps. Administrators can indicate the frequency and duration for these notifications to send until the employee is fully compliant.

Filtering Notifications by Facility

Administrators now have the ability to filter notifications by one or many facilities.

Resend Welcome Email and Appointment Scheduler Confirmation Email

Administrators and recruiters now have the ability to resend Welcome emails and Appointment Confirmation emails to personnel as needed. 

Supervisor Smart Link Notifications

To help drive compliance throughout your organization, we have made it even easier for supervisors to gain access to their compliance lists. When a supervisor receives a supervisor email, an embedded link will take them directly to that specific compliance report with the report populated.

Create Personnel Enhancements

You can now set to require phone and supervisor fields during new personnel record creation. If you would like to require either of these, please reach out to Immuware support to set this configuration.

Display “Phone Number” and “Mobile Phone” when creating New Hires

When creating a new hire, phone and mobile number are now available options that can be required if needed.

Authentication Type Enhancements

To help users better understand the meaning of the two Authentication Type options, these options have been renamed from “External Account” to “Single Sign-On (SSO) Account” and “Local Account” to “Immuware Local Account.” 

If Single Sign-on is enabled, when creating a new personnel or user the Authentication Type dropdown defaults to “Immuware Local Account”. However, administrators still have the ability to modify as needed.

Also, the User Account List screen will now display the authentication type on the list page.

Date Data Entry

Customers will now find it easier to enter in dates within custom added date fields as Immuware allows data entry users the ability to simply key in the numbers of the dates instead of also adding the slashes. 

Personnel Summary – Performance Tweaks

With every release we strive to improve performance speed through backend enhancements  

BMI Calculator

Immuware now offers a BMI calculator which will automatically calculate the BMI on provided height and weight input fields.

Multiple Single Sign-On

Immuware now offers the ability for our customers to have multiple Single Sign-On accounts for access to Immuware. Below is a screenshot showing how users can select which single sign-on account applies to them.  

New Report Toggle 

Reports now contain a new “Show Only Compliant Series” toggle. This toggle is only available when the “Include All Historic Records” is set to off. The “Show Only Compliant Series” filters to only display the records which are compliant/completed within the searchable series.

Supervisor Email Enhancements 

When displaying the overall compliance status, the compliance percentage will only display to the closest 2 digits.