We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes and the foundation for future release of new features.

1. New flexible record expiration options

A Calculated Expires type is now available in Immuware v 9.4. This allows records to expire on:

  • Day of the Month (i.e. every 15th of the Month)
  • Day of the Week (i.e. every Thursday of the week)
  • Day of the Year (i.e. every April 15th)

This will be extremely helpful for the various COVID testing expiration options that can be unique from organization to organization (ie. COVID testing should expire every Monday regardless of when testing was submitted)

2. Reporting and Dashboards

In anticipation of our next version of Immuware (v9.6) to be released in June, we have renamed our classic report names to allow for the addition of new reports. Classic reports have been rename as follows:

  • Records (Multi-select) will be renamed Compliance (Multi-Select)
  • Records (Single-select) will be renamed Compliance (Single-Select)
  • Supervisor (Single-select) will be renamed Subordinate Compliance  (Single-Select)
  • Compliance By Personnel Details (Single-Select) Beta
  • Records By Occurrence Date (Single-Select) New

New Records By Occurrence Date (Single-Select) Report

Records By Occurrence Date is a new report within Immuware that will allow Administrators and users who have the Show Reports permission to select a From and To Date to filter records that have an Occurrence date within the selected date ranges. Unlike other reports in Immuware, this report will not focus on compliance but on quantity of records.

Additionally, the Compliance (Single-Select) report now has the ability to include multiple facilities. Users are no longer limited to filter their reports by just one facility and can now choose to select multiple facilities.

Lastly, the Subordinate Compliance report and dashboard allows supervisors the ability to filter and view only their direct reports if they choose. 


3. Personnel Enhancements

Save time searching notification logs to find which email or text message was sent to a personnel. The Personnel details page now includes a list of all notifications (text and/or email) a personnel has received.

Furthermore, administrators now have the ability to change a Personnel ID from the Edit Personnel screen. 

Personnel Summary can also be configured to export all personnel details at once.

4. Appointment Scheduling Enhancements

To help avoid confusion, users who are scheduling an appointment will only see those locations that have available appointments. 

Users with access to the Appointment Report will only have permissions to view appointments for the record types they have the ability to interact with.

5. Integrations

The External Data Importer now has the ability to locate a record series key to easily “linked” records within the same series together. Furthermore, the External Data Importer interface now has the option to download the template key in comma separated values (“CSV”) format.

6. Personnel Importer

A red banner will now appear on the Personnel Import screen when Welcome Emails are turned on, to ensure the administrator importing data understands that any new user accounts will trigger a Welcome Email.

7. Notifications

Now have the option of “Saved for Later” within the Icon Status field to allow administrators the ability to filter.