Understanding the ROI of Immuware Employee Health Tracking Software

Investment in technology continues to drive future-of-work initiatives in the healthcare industry. In fact, more than 50% of hospital HR executives use technology solutions to track employee skills, certifications and licensures. But making the decision to add a new technology into your operations toolbox can be daunting. You may ask yourself: will it really help our workforce? Will the ROI impact our bottom line? Is the investment worth the benefits? When it comes to Immuware employee health tracking software, the answer to each of these is a resounding yes. Let us explain why.

If you have a workforce of 1,500 employees, it is estimated that Immuware helps save approximately 2.5 hours per employee per year at an estimated cost of $35/hour. That is 3,750 hours saved and a total annual savings of $131,250. Now imagine the cost savings over several years. The average ROI for Immuware is approximately 5x the original investment.

Beyond increasing productivity and saving time, here are five additional reasons Immuware makes business sense and why you should add it to your tech stack now.

 Avoid fines from non-compliance

With patient safety as the top priority for healthcare organizations, occupational/employee health nurses, healthcare administrators and hospital HR teams are faced with the challenging responsibility of ensuring that numerous laws, standards, policies and procedures across several regulatory agencies are followed stringently to avoid costly fines and penalties.

According to the American Hospital Association’s Regulatory Overload report, an average hospital spends $7.6 million annually, or $1,200 per admission, on administrative costs to maintain compliance across just four federal agencies. With compliance already being a costly line item, it’s crucial that organizations have the technology, staff and infrastructure in place so they are audit-ready on a daily basis to avoid any additional costs caused by penalties.

Immuware’s comprehensive cloud-based software makes tracking and reporting compliance numbers quick and easy. It automates employee and occupational health data, implements best practice workflows and helps meet mandatory regulatory requirements with the ability to report compliance status in an instant, ultimately reducing the risk of fines.

 Save on your group health insurance plans

Immuware helps your organization achieve 100% automation of end-to-end compliance workflow, increasing the rate of compliance by 40% (or more). That means you will have the technology in place to promote and track employee vaccinations, wellness screenings, preventative care, illnesses and more with just a few clicks. It also offers the functionality for employees to self-report and clinicians to load data into the software. Data is aggregated and analyzed automatically for real-time reports with the goal of keeping your workforce compliant and healthy. Healthy employees with up-to-date vaccinations reduces the likelihood of employees getting sick, going to the doctor or being hospitalized, resulting in less health insurance costs in which your organization is footing the bill. An added benefit: vaccinated healthcare workers are less likely to take sicks days, increasing worker productivity.

 Increase staff productivity

Implementing Immuware software helps reduce tedious administrative tasks by an average of 2.5 hours per employee per year, freeing up time for employees to focus on patient care while cutting those exorbitant compliance costs. Here are just a few of the ways that Immuware streamlines employee health tracking processes and increases labor productivity:

  • Electronic data capture and online document storage eliminates time spent on manual processing, filling out and filing paper forms, and creating tracking reports in Excel.
  • The web-based Immuware Employee Portal allows employees to self-report and upload documentation, sign forms electronically, and view and print their personal information saving administrative staff time.
  • Automated communication tools reduce costs and time associated with manual emails reminding staff about employee health requirements.
  • Automated real-time compliance dashboards and reports by location, department, employee type and supervisor eliminate the dependency on Excel tracking and tabulations, which are prone to human error and are quickly outdated.
  • The ability to view, export and deliver National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and OSHA formatted reports saves significant hours required to create, update and validate the information for these required compliance reports.
  •  Personnel data can be updated on a nightly basis from your HR / Payroll system, eliminating the time associated with the manual exchange of information about new hires, leaves of absence and terminations, while keeping information accurate and up-to-date.

 Lessen non-refundable costs from unplanned use of resources

By default of their occupation, healthcare workers are at risk of getting or spreading diseases that are preventable by vaccines. While requirements vary by state, type of vaccine and organization, Immuware provides the ability to instantly view which employees have and have not gotten their required vaccinations. This is important data to have in real-time to ensure that all employees providing direct patient care are not putting patients at risk.

Ensuring employees adhere to vaccinations requirements as well as health and safety protocols can help eliminate the possibility of an employee exposing a patient to a virus that would extend their stay or cause additional health problems. Private insurance and Medicare and Medicaid plans only pay for the pre-authorized coverage needs for patients, so if a patient catches something that keeps them in the hospital longer, those additional non-refundable labor and equipment costs fall on your organization. Or worse, your organization could be sued for medical malpractice. Tracking employee health compliance in Immuware helps minimize the risk of healthcare workers getting sick in the first place.

 Reduce the risk and associated costs of a data breach

The costs associated with a data breach can be astronomical, and hackers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. Immuware is securely hosted on the cloud-based Microsoft® Azure platform with a built-in Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) extension, which means the connection is encrypted. Microsoft Azure assures data redundancy and disaster recovery, and upgrades are installed automatically by the vendor. Therefore, your internal IT team does not have to manage additional tasks such as server maintenance, data backups or software upgrades, saving your organization additional labor costs. Immuware supports custom domains with custom Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for even more robust security. Immuware also enforces strong passwords for user logins and offers an optional Single Sign On (SSO) functionality to further reduce security risks.

 Let’s Get Started

Through automation, simplified processes, advanced data aggregation and reporting tools, Immuware offers a comprehensive employee health tracking solution that drives massive cost savings and ensures adherence to mandatory regulatory requirements. Immuware saves time and money across the board, reduces risk of additional costs, and increases efficiency and productivity, taking your organization to the next level in its digital transformation. This secure and customizable tool also provides the necessary framework to launch COVID-19 wellness screenings fast. To learn more or schedule a demo, contact the Immuware team at info@immuware.com.

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