We are happy to announce the release of Immuware 8.1

Email Exclusion List

Administrators can now exclude individuals from receiving email notifications from Immuware. Under the cog wheel at the top right of the page, there is a new feature called  Email Exclusion List. This allows administrators to add emails for those who do not need to receive emails. Should administrators ever need to delete any of the emails added to the exclusion list, there is a Delete icon next to every email address. 


Immuware now has a module that allows you to configure appointments for your workforce. With the  new permissions scheduler, you will be able to view/ schedule and cancel appointments for your workforce. If you have the employee portal, your workforce will be able to schedule themselves. As a scheduler you will be able to create appointments based on facility, select whether you would like it to be a recurring  event and determine different appointment types. 

Workflow and Auto Next Step Functionality

You now have the ability work with your Immuware Configuration Specialist to create a workflow for your vaccinations and Immunizations. With this added workflow, you will be able to determine the order your administrative team and workforce completes a record in.

Along with the addition of workflows you will find efficiency by having records auto complete in the system based on input from your users.

The combination of Workflow and Auto Next Step functionality  has the ability to cut down on the time it takes to reach 100% compliance by making it clear which  record needs to be completed next and requirements to approve every record submitted by an employee.

Download all records

While logged in as an administrator or workforce member you have the ability to download all record history to a zip file. The zip file is broken down by record type and all records are viewable as PDF’s.

Seasonality Changes to Record Types

Expiration dates are no longer tied to static dates! Seasonal compliance options have been updated to include two new flexible and dynamic ways to determine when a record will expire.

Manual Expiration: This allows all roles, besides workforce, to select when the record will expire in the system.  At the end of a vaccination/immunization series your team can enter in a date that works for your business process.

Dynamic Expiration: You will now be able to determine when a specific record expires based on the Group Affiliation that is set in your personnel file. 

Paging on Records

Records can now be broken down into separate pages to give the your site a better look and feel. Immuware has become even more flexible and allows you to select how many fields you would like per page as well as what page to place fields on.

Enhanced Permissions

Administrators now have the ability to select what record types are shown and hidden at the user level. This is a very powerful tool and can be used for security purposes in your organization.  

Workforce Obligations

Based on the criteria bulleted below, Administrators now have the ability to determine if users should be Required, Not Required, or Preferred for a specific record type through a configuration screen instead of a file upload. Additionally, you can now add more than one constraint (up to 5) to the rule.

  • Facility
  • Cost Center
  • Group Affiliation
  • Job Title
  • Personnel Type

Allow Bulk Resend of New User Emails

Administrators now have the ability to resend welcome emails to their employees. 

Random Selection

A new module and two new permissions have been added to Immuware that allow for Random Selection screening.

With this module,  Immuware now generates a random list of users for you to test based on the variables bulleted below. These variables are customizable:

  • Facility of the user that is generating the list
  • The number of users that you would like to be included in your Random Selection.
  • The number of users that are required to be tested at the time of screening. 


  • Approval Queue
    • A new role has been created that allows you to view records and documentation submitted by employees.
    • After viewing the record, you will be able to approve, save, reject, or delete it.
  • Expiring Queue
    • All records that are expiring in the next 30 days will now show in the Expiring Queue.
    • Through this page you will be able to click directly into the record and create a new record.
  • Next Step Queue
    • If configured, Administrators now have the ability to view records that are up next to be completed:
      • Example: You can configure the Next Step Queue to show when the next dose of the Hepatitis B immunization should be completed.
    • This functionality is customizable and can be configured to fit your company’s workflows. 

Field Validators

Fields inside of records have been upgraded to allow the following features:

  • Conditional Show: Show fields based on user input
  • Conditional Required: Select when a field is required based on user input
  • Action Validators: Send an email notification to one email you choose and/or display a banner on the employee’s screen based on user input. 

Field Types

  • Multi-select field types can now be displayed on all records
  • Toggles can now be displayed on all records

Have questions about anything included in Version 8.1?
Contact Keaton at kpellino@immuware.com