Immuware Can Help You Track Exposures, Injuries, and Illnesses

Immuware’s Incident Module helps customers enter and track employee safety events, evaluate the safety of the workplace, understand industry hazards and trends, and implement worker preventative actions to reduce or eliminate hazards and prevent future workplace injuries and illnesses.

Employees or administrators can initiate an incident, provide details and pictures to help determine a response, and track the incident step by step to completion. Workflows may include medical evaluation, corrective action planning, safety mitigation steps, prevention, training, etc.

Immuware Incident Module Tracks :

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures
    • Blood or Body fluid Splash or Splatter
    • Sharp Items/Needlesticks
  • Other Pathogen Exposures
  • Illnesses and Injuries
  • Slip, Trips, and Falls
  • Other safety events

Track and Manage Multiple Occurrences

At each step of the incident workflow, actions and due dates can trigger emails and text messages reminding staff of follow-ups such as lab tests and post-evaluation appointments. Your staff can quickly access work queues to monitor and immediately act on required follow-up steps.



Vaccination Tracking Tools

Immuware™ provides a supervisor login to allow your managers and directors full insight into their workforce immunization compliance performance. The system can be configured to send daily or weekly email reports with compliance levels.

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