When the pandemic began, Carminati Consulting had to scale its Immuware™ product to meet the needs of healthcare clients affected by COVID-19 — and do it fast. We talked to Built In about why we were able to pull it off.

Carminati said that because the software was designed around custom compliance requirements for each customer, they were able to quickly build out new functions to support facility administrators monitoring the disease.

Why is scalability important for the technology you’re building?

Brittany Carminati – Our SaaS product, Immuware™, is a comprehensive employee and occupational health solution. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we rapidly configured the product to handle the demands of an ever-changing landscape for healthcare organizations battling to keep healthcare professionals safe during the pandemic. We would not have been able to serve our new or existing customers if it weren’t for our flexible and scalable platform.

“We would not have been able to serve our new or existing customers if it weren’t for our flexible and scalable platform.”

Brittany Carminati

How do you build this tech with scalability in mind? 

From its inception, Immuware™ was designed to be an online community for healthcare customers — meaning it is the organization’s job to ensure their workforce is compliant for specific healthcare-related activities. In doing so, we have ensured employees, supervisors and occupational health administrators have access to the necessary data, reports and dashboards to drive compliance.

Since this initial adoption, we’ve scaled Immuware™ to specific niche roles, such as COVID-19 administrators designated to oversee symptom monitoring. Because Immuware™ was designed with the notion of “record types” — meaning each customer has different compliance requirements and, therefore, different record types which need to be tracked — we are able to easily offer tailored and rapid deployment for customers just seeking a specific record type such as “daily COVID-19 wellness checks.”

What tools or technologies does your team use to support scalability?

Azure Cloud hosting has been huge for us. Without Azure Web Services we could not as easily scale during peak usages and will not be able to integrate with external systems.

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